October 21, 2017
3 months and 2 days since
our Reunion.

Don't Be BLUE because you missed out! 
It's our
SILVER 25th Reunion.

October 20th & 21st

Class of 1992 has been out of school for 25 years and we want you to join us as we celebrate the big event.



Top 10 Reasons to Go to the
Class of 1992 25th Year Reunion


10.  Who could pass up another opportunity to be standing Bright Beside the Brazos?

9.  You can brag that when you went to school, the guy who they named the stadium after was still head coach.

8.  To show off your Vintage Classic car, which was brand new when you were driving it in 1992.

7.  You may now go to lunch off-campus.

6.  Beat Inc. is having a special Teen Night for old times' sake.

5.  Just to prove that you didn't end up in prison, like your English teacher predicted.

4.  If it weren't for 20 year reunions, Vanilla Ice would never get played anymore.

3.  The Boogie Beat is now considered good, low-impact aerobic exercise for people our age.

2.  There may be a fight with the guys from Consol later, and we'll need back up.

1.  Because Mr. Ellis would have wanted it that way (even more than he wanted a hallway free of trash.)

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